Your child might not be a baby or toddler anymore. Even though it might have seemed to have happened very quickly, the truth is that your child might be getting close to school age. During this period of your child's life, it's probably important for you to make the right decisions for your child. One thing that you might be concerned about might be how you are going to find proper child care for your child. After all, you might want them to get the social and educational benefits of attending child care, and you might need someone who can watch your child while you're at work.

Babysitter or Nanny

If you would like for your child to be cared for in your home, you have the option to look for a private babysitter or nanny. Ideally, you will probably want to look for someone who has ample experience, and you may even want to choose someone who is educated in the field of child education or development.


Daycare is a great option for many children who are too young to enter preschool. You might prefer taking your child to a daycare facility over hiring a babysitter for a few reasons. In some cases, it's cheaper. Plus, your child can learn social skills and enjoy the fun of playing with other kids in their age group while at daycare. Lastly, you might find that this is a more reliable childcare option than hiring a babysitter who could call in sick.


If your child is old enough for preschool, it might be time to start looking for a preschool program. Preschool helps your child learn the things that they should know as they enter kindergarten. They might even learn some of the things taught in kindergarten, which can give them an academic advantage when they actually start school.


Of course, once your child reaches the proper age to attend kindergarten, you should definitely enrol them in a kindergarten program. There are both public and private kindergarten programs that you can look into. Kindergarten will be considered your child's first official year of schooling, and it's an important time. While in kindergarten, they will get used to the structure and routine of being in school, and they will start getting an education that will serve as the building blocks for their education in the coming years.

To learn more about your child care options, reach out to local care providers.