When choosing a daycare centre for your bundle of joy, safety should rank high in priority. Of course, a childcare centre could have the best diet and teaching resources, but you should keep looking if you are unsure about the facility's safety measures. Unfortunately, some parents do not know what to look for in a childcare centre and focus on generic aspects, such as a fenced play area and supervised play. This article explores daycare safety areas that parents should consider.  

Age-Appropriate Toys 

Although toys are an excellent way to teach kids different skills, play items at a daycare centre must be safe. However, just because a childcare centre uses wooden toys does not mean that they are age-appropriate. Toys are not one-size-fits-all; therefore, they must be age-appropriate to be deemed safe. Therefore, a daycare centre must have age-specific toys if it enrols children of different ages. For instance, wooden riding toys are unsafe for toddlers who cannot sit up without being supported, but they are safe for kids who can walk and sit independently. Similarly, small toys that can pass through a toddler's windpipe must not be anywhere near a daycare centre. You can ask an administrator to demonstrate the safety of toys before enrolling your child in a facility.

Drop-off/Pick-Up Log 

It is crucial to agree with a daycare administrator on who will be dropping off and picking up your child every day. While it might seem obvious, some parents do not realise that they should discuss this issue with an administrator. The last thing you want is to arrive at the centre only to be told that someone has already picked up your child. Unfortunately, such cases are not new; hence, parents must be vigilant by holding daycare centre administrators to account. In this regard, ensure that a childcare centre keeps a strict log of drop-offs and pick-ups. It ensures that a facility has a record of every person that picks up a child.  

First-Aid Qualifications

Statistics show that 12,000 infants and children die every year from medical emergencies. These are damning figures; therefore, the only way to ensure that your child is safe is to enrol them in a daycare with qualified first-aid administrators. It is vital because the actions of a childcare provider during emergencies might be the difference between life and death. Therefore, ask an administrator to show you certificates of staffers with first-aid qualifications.