Misconceptions and a lack of proper communication have often led to misunderstandings between parents and child care providers. Here is what the providers want you to know.

Late Fees and Other Charges Apply

It is only fair that the child care provider charges you a little extra if you are late picking up your child. This is time that the provider would have spent doing something else, and as such, due compensation is justified.

Similarly, you shouldn't complain if you are charged for the days when you fail to take your child to the care centre. Unless you give notice well in advance, this slot will still be held for your child, and if you don't show up with your child, the slot will remain untaken, which will cost the child care provider money.

You Still Need Your Housekeeper

The job description of these caregivers starts and ends with child care. It is that simple. This is worth emphasizing, especially if the caregiver comes to your home to mind the kids.

Don't expect the caregiver to take on any housekeeping tasks unless you come to an explicit agreement on this. Expect nothing, but be grateful if the caregiver goes out of their way to help with basic duties such as soaking and washing soiled clothes and washing the utensils the kids use throughout the day.

Communication Is Everything

There is no room for assumptions in child care. For everyone's good, the parent and the caregivers need to communicate well.

What are the established rules on discipline? What are the hours, and what happens when a parent is late? What food is to be served? If either party doesn't agree to or feel comfortable with the rules, then it is always best to look elsewhere for the child care services.

Blame Games Won't Help

Kids will always be kids. Unfortunately, this means that there is always a possibility that the kids may get into accidents, no matter how careful the child care providers are and how safe the environment is at the care centre or home. A few scrapes here and there shouldn't come as a surprise where overly active kids are involved. When these minor incidents and accidents happen, it helps no one to dwell on them and blame the caregiver. After all, the same can and probably does happen at home.

Keep these highlighted pointers in mind as you look for child care providers and in your interactions after hiring their services. Sit down with the caregiver and get more insight.

To learn more, contact a child care provider.