In many parts of Australia, it doesn't usually get cold enough to have snow, but there definitely is a noticeable change between seasons. This change in weather can be a fun opportunity to create some winter-themed crafts that work in any temperature. Here are some ideas to get you started. 

Make your own snow globes

While you might not have snow outside, you can always create snow globes to have some of the snowy goodness available at any time. Not only are these fun to play with, but they are also a good learning activity as it allows children to experiment with density and liquid movement.

The easiest way to do this is to reuse a clear bottle (such as a drink bottle that you have removed the lid from). You can then hot glue a figurine that the child has selected to the lid (Lego figures are often a great option as they survive well in the water). Next, use a funnel to add 1 tablespoon of glycerine (available at pharmacies) and 2 tablespoons of waterproof glitter (available at craft stores). You then fill the bottle with water and hot glue the lid shut to prevent leaking. It should be ready by the next morning. 

Do-it-yourself snow men

You can also make your own snow men — and these ones won't melt when spring rolls around. Cut some white stockings to around 20cm and start stuffing the toe with white stuffing (available from craft store). Then you can tie off the snow man by looping a rubber band around the stuffing ball after about 5-7cm. Keep stuffing the next section, making it a little bigger and rounder than the first by adding more stuffing. Once this is ful,l you tie off the next ball and repeat the process to create the last ball. The carer can then knot off the end of the stocking and the child can use a marker to decorate and give the snow man a face.

This is a good exercise to help the children develop spatial perception and can be done from a young age. 

Ice and snow songs

There is a range of fun songs about snow and winter, including popular Christmas carols and songs from the movie Frozen. You can have some sing-alongs with the kids while they play with their snow globes and snow men. These can help to develop some additional vocabulary around snow and winter, which can be useful for children who don't tend to experience snow in their area due to the climate. Words include: frozen, frosty, soft, snow, cold, flakes and melting.

Child care centres like Jenny's Kindergarten often do many activities to help children learn about different times of year.