Parents of children with sensory issues can be understandably concerned about the way that their child may deal with child care when the parent heads back to work or study. Here are some of the options for children with a sensory issue. 

In home care

In order to minimise change, it can be worth considering an in-home child care options such as using a nanny. This can be a good options as the house is already set up with familiar items and the child will have minimal changes to their day to day routines. Additionally having a single carer to child ratio can ensure that the child gets the attention they need and is not overwhelmed. The downside of the approach is that it can be expensive and is generally not eligible for government child care rebates. 

Family day care

Family day care is run in the home of the carer and has a smaller overall number of children than a day care centre. It usually has a mixed age group and can often be more flexible to the needs of each child as a result. These centres can be a good option for some children with sensory issues as they provide a home-like environment. They can also be a very cost effective option as they are generally less costly than long day care centres but are eligible for government subsidies provided they meet the appropriate licensing criteria/s. 

Formal "long hours" child care

Long hours child care centres are what most people think of when they think of child care centres. Whilst they can have lots of children and noise, they also have a roster of trained staff who can provide back up when a child needs extra support. This can be great to avoid carer burnout and ensure your child gets the care and support they need. They can often work with children with special needs in a more targeted way to provide them with activities to help interest and challenge them, as well as having quiet spaces and low sensory areas for overwhelmed children to use as a chill out zone when they get overwhelmed. 

Care at the long hours centres is eligible for government child care rebates. 

If you have a child with sensory issues it can be useful to tour potential child care centres and interview them as to how they will help your child adjust to child care. This can help you relax and know that your child has been left in great hands.