If you've decided that it's time to get back to work after a few months or years, then chances are you'll need to look for a childcare centre, such as One World Children’s Centre, for your toddler. After you have done the hard work of finding a suitable centre for your child, keep in mind that your job doesn't end there, especially if your child is wary about being separated from you. You need to help your child adjust to his or her new childcare centre life by following these gentle tips before you begin work.

Get Your Child To Become Familiar With The Caretaker

Once you've finalised on a childcare centre, you must familiarise your child with the caretaker. Once children are more familiar with the person going to care for them, they will start to feel at ease about being left without you. You can arrange for a few initial visits to the daycare centre to help your child become familiar with the place and caretaker in your presence. This is especially important when your child is feeling especially irritable about being left behind because it gives him or her the chance to relax with this new person with your support and presence.

Show Your Child How Comfortable You Are With The Caretaker

When your child cries uncontrollably at the childcare centre, you may have to spend a few days trying to get him or her to settle in. Arrange to begin work a few days or weeks after you start daycare, because you may need this time to help your child see how comfortable you are with the caretaker. This will assure your child that you trust this person and he or she will automatically follow suit. You can also maintain a degree of familiarity by bringing your child's favourite toys and books to the childcare centre. These recognisable objects will help your child feel more comfortable at the childcare centre.

Get Into Playgroups Before You Start Daycare

Before leaving your toddler at the childcare centre, it may be a good idea to take him or her to some playgroups before you start work. This will give your child the perfect opportunity to interact with other kids and will help him or her get used to new activities, especially if your child is inconsolable at the thought of being left without you. Having you around at the start will provide an added layer of reassurance as your child begins to socialise with other kids and becomes more independent.

Follow these gentle tips as you familiarise your toddler with your chosen childcare centre before you start work.